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About the Company

Founded in 1988, Keim Additec Surface USA (KAS) is a manufacturer and distributor of sustainable, high-quality waxes and water based wax additives. Our practiced technologies achieve an improvement or modification of surface properties of aqueous coating formulations with a very broad field of applications. We take pride in building relationships with and adapting to the needs of our diverse customer base, ensure timely deliveries and a reliable line of communication.

About the Company: About the Company

 Mark Bitting, President & Managing Director

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About the Company: Team Members

Meet The Team


Keith Condon

National Sales Director

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A recognized leader in the inks and pigments industry, Keith has devoted his 20-year career to finding innovative and personalized solutions for his clients. Upon graduating from Northern Illinois University in Chemistry and Graphic Arts, Keith began his career as a Technical Director at Dynamic Color Systems. He has since worked as Technical Manager to Research and Development to Sales, and engineered plastics and high-performance Dispersions as Director of Sales and Technical Manager of Piments at Sincol Corporation. He is dedicated to his clients and is known for working late at night making sure every client has pricing or anything that is asked of him. Keith enjoys spending time with his wife, riding his motorcycle, and visiting his daughters.


Nicole Perna

Manager of Distribution Services

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Responsible for all aspects of product management, logistics, accounting services, inventory management, human resources, customer service and report generation here at Keim-Additec Surface. She works closely with the sales and marketing department and the company’s product portfolio with a focus in the wax market. She works diligently with the team in Germany and Poland to maximize business performance, market opportunities and increase the company’s market share. She uses her degree in Finance and Economics from West Chester University to assist with the financial statements and proactively supports risk mitigation strategies for the EUR exposure. Outside of work, Nicole teaches Pilates at Solidcore, fosters and advocates for dogs who have been neglected or abused, and spends quality time with her Fiancé, dogs, and family.

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Tyler John

Technical Sales Manager

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Considered the “mad scientist” of the team, Tyler holds a master’s degree in Chemical and Biomolecular engineering from North Carolina State University. Prior to joining Keim-Additec, Tyler used his talents in chemistry to empower students in their pursuit of STEM education as an academic tutor. His passion for education and service translates to his daily responsibilities as Technical Sales Manager at Keim-Additec. Tyler wants to learn everything, and in doing so, provide his clientele a more informed and lucrative experience.

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Tanvir Rahman

Sales Representative

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Currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in marketing at the largest, most comprehensive business school in the greater Philadelphia region – Fox School of Business at Temple University. Tanvir’s role at Keim-Additec is of a passionate Sales Representative in the Cosmetics Industry and other emerging/developing industries. He believes superior customer service is what sets himself apart from the crowd as the needs of the customer should always be a priority. He also is heavily involved in our parent company Gehring Montgomery, distributor of fine and specialty chemicals, as an Account Manager. Tanvir uses the innovative tools and resources that he has learned from his institution and instills into the company’s strategies. In Tanvir’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching sports, and playing competitive online games.

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